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Multisim 10.1 -- Student Edition

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Multisim 10.1 -- Student Edition

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 07, 2010 12:42 pm

Multisim is the schematic capture and simulation program designed for
schematic entry, simulation, and feeding to downstage steps, such as PCB
layout. Multisim also includes mixed analog/digital simulation capability,
and microcontroller co-simulation.

Ultiboard, fed from Multisim, is used to design printed circuit boards,
perform certain basic mechanical CAD operations, and prepare them for
manufacturing. Ultiboard also provides automated parts placement and

Part -- 01 ::: ?nt1xj22gtwn
Part -- 02 ::: ?jtdmbm1jnwz
Part -- 03 ::: ?cngdgdmwg4m
Part -- 04 ::: ?rrum2ythz1m

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